Charlotte Loses The NBA All Star Game

Charlotte Loses The NBA All Star Game

After a battle between a progressive city and a republican state legislature, the city of Charlotte will have to postpone its hopes of hosting the massive NBA event.

On Thursday, the NBA, led by commisioner Adam Silver announced that it will move the event.

The reason?  Transgender rights AKA the ‘Bathroom Bill’. Much more than just a bathroom bill, the law limits many more rights of the LGBT community.

In short, the city passed protections for the LGBT community, particular those transgendered.  Transgendered people could use the restroom of the gender they identify with (not the gender at birth). The republicans in state leadership quickly passed a law which nullified the Charlotte city ordinance.  The original story is HERE.

The battle quickly drew national attention and became a part of the regular news cycle.

Performers began cancelling concerts, and businesses cancelled expansion plans.

With all of the sporting events held in the city, there’s little doubt that they will have another opportunity to host the event.  The NBA has left that option open if the law is modified.


Charlotte Loses The All Star Game

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