Frank Ocean Ends His Musical Hiatus

Frank Ocean Ends His Musical Hiatus

Frank Ocean ends his musical hiatus just hours ago, with the release of a visual album titled Endless.  Well, it’s pretty obvious that he’s only been on a hiatus from the public eye.  He’s been busy.  And it shows.  Endless is said to be the precursor to the actual album which is set to drop this weekend via Apple Music.

Glitter, bare flesh, and hip hop.  To say that the visual for Nikes is creative doesn’t do it justice.  A smooth, thought provoking track with a nice groove and the familiar depth of Frank.  

He’s long been an artist, but the visual and production for Nikes reminds people of his creative genius.  

Ocean pays tribute to Trayvon Martin and other victims of gun violence in the Nikes video.  

In 2012, Frank Ocean admitted to having, at least once, fallen in love with a man. He’s shied away from revealing much more than that.  He doesn’t like labels, but we appreciate the fact that he’s more like us than not.  And he was brave enough to admit it on the world’s stage.  

For more on Frank Ocean’s release, go to BoysDontCry

Frank Ocean Ends His Musical Hiatus



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