Pastor Greenleaf’s Son In Law Is Gay

Pastor Greenleaf’s Son In Law Is Gay


So, maybe by now you’ve heard of the OWN drama, Greenleaf.  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Greenleaf is a damn good drama, and currently five or six episodes in.

Greenleaf follows  the southern family of a black megachurch in Memphis.

Lies, Secrets, Sex, and Deceit. And not just straight sex.  Well we haven’t had a full on gay sex scene, but one may very well be coming. It’s on OWN so it will be tasteful.  Lol

It’s come to light that the husband of Charity Greenleaf-Saterlee, Kevin has a curiosity for the same sex.  Yep. Pastor Greenleaf’s son in law is gay.

Kevin grew quite uncomfortable after meeting a friendly gentleman through the church’s outreach program.  You could almost cut the sexual tension with a knife.  Kevin seemed fearful of what was happening and cut the interaction short.  But it’s obvious that the curiosity remained and even deepened.  Did I mention that Kevin and his wife are expecting twins?

Catch Greenleaf Wednesday nights on the OWN network.

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Pastor Greenleaf’s Son In Law Is Gay

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