The Gay Side Of Nick Jonas

The Gay Side Of Nick Jonas

In the latest episode of DirecTV’s Kingdom, the Gay Side Of Nick Jonas is explored once again.  

Nick Jonas aka Nate Kulina goes to bed with a woman and a man.  On the show, Nick plays a closeted MMA fighter who’s trying to figure out his sexuality.  At the end of season one, Nate gets head from a guy just after being thrown out of a gay bar.  

But his latest gay scene seems to be even more complex.   After having a drink which seemed to have been spiked, Nick ends up butt naked with a woman, only to have another man join in.  

Apparently, the day after Nate is quite upset about what went down.  It will be interesting to know where this story line goes.

Nick Jonas has always been friendly and accepting of the gay culture.  He’s played numerous gay characters on television, performed at gay pride events, and has been seen in gay bars.  

Want to know a little bit more about the character he plays on KINGDOM.  Have a look at Nate below.  The DirectTV series Kingdom airs on Wednesdays at 9 pm.  


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The Gay Side Of Nick Jonas

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  1. you need to understand that when a MAN gets with a WOMAN he is NOT GAY! He is BIsexual & trying to say he is gay is an insult to those of us who are GAY & always have been. So cut out the crap.

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