Black, Gay, and Republican

Since the election season has begun…an interesting topic.  Black, Gay, and Republican.  I find gay star, Marc Dylan to be pretty thoughtful on issues, so I want to share this vid with you.  


Marc’s YouTube Advice Channel is HERE.  His website is HERE.

 And a lil comic relief…




One thought on “Black, Gay, and Republican

  1. I have summarised that those who are black & gay, vote Republican are those who don’t like themselves. This may sound a bit sideways or backwards, here’s the deal: I’m a semi-conservative Democrat who is big on issues where human lives matter. However, I am not a big supporter on SSM; I’ve had those in the gay community who have mistreated, used, or ignore me like I was nothing, be the very ones who approach me, thinking that I should hand them my vote in favour of it. My feeling is, when I was looking for solace & understanding, I was getting the very opposite. So, when it was said & done, I came to the conclusion of why should I cast my vote in favour of a community that mistreats their own, but doesn’t mind hustlin’ a vote out of one like myself, like I owe them something? I could never vote Republican, that’s like asking me to hate the fact that I’m black! No thank you!

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