Cam Newton’s Hip Hugging Style

Cam Newton’s Hip Hugging Style

Well today’s the day that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers go up against Payton Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. Even though my favorite sport to watch is basketball, I’ve always watched football for different reasons. Tight pants, thick thighs and PHAT ASSES!  The Panthers quarterback knows a thing or two about tight pants.  The sexy, 6’5″ star player left Charlotte wearing hip hugging, zebra print pants by Versace.  Cam Newton’s hip hugging style off the field is definitely attention grabbing.

Cam Newton Versace Pants

Wearing tight fitting, almost feminine clothing is nothing new for Cam.  He’s often seen wearing pants above the ankle along with eccentric footwear.  Do I think he’s expressing his feminine side?  Naw, not at all.  But I admire a man who’s comfortable in his own skin.  One who can put on something that flatters every curve, and still exude masculinity.  Should he and the Panthers win today, who knows what Cam will slip into next.  Lol

Like the post below, folks on social media aren’t always kind, but we don’t mind.  We’ll take a nice pair of thighs ANY day

Panthers Or Broncos?  Or Are You Just Watching For the Half Time Show?



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