Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Sex Scandal

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Sex Scandal

Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert was just sentenced to 15 months in prison.  The crime? Paying hush money to men he sexually abused years ago.

Decades before his political career began, Dennis Hastert was a high school wrestling coach.  It was during this time that Hastert abused teenage boys.  One of the boys, now a middle aged man agreed to a $3.5 million payout to keep quiet about the issue.  After only receiving $1.7 million, the man sued Hastert for the remainder.

He would have likely received the total sum had Hastert’s financial transactions not been under investigation.

Most high school coaches are upstanding citizens who love what they do and respect the kids they coach, but I’ve seen questionable behavior during my own high school years.  It may happen more often than we think.

Interesting that he wasn’t sentenced for the abuse (the statute of limitations has long expired). But he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for bank fraud related to the payoff.

Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Scandal


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