Honoring Those Who Protect Us

Honoring Those Who Protect Us

Episode of WWYD Featuring Gay Soldiers

Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is about  honoring those who gave their lives, and those who put their lives in danger for our protection.  Not every soldier comes home.  And those that do, may come home to a partner of the same sex.  

In 2011, gay servicemen and women were afforded the right of serve openly in the US military. Those men and women sacrifice themselves just the same as any of their straight counterparts.  Times have certainly changed.  As previously reported, an openly gay man is now the head of the US Army. That story is HERE.    

Gay Soldiers, Including Those No Longer With Us, We Appreciate & Salute You!

Some of my favorite scenes featuring “men in uniform”

Greys Anatomy


Honoring Those Who Protect Us

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