If Only All Men Were So Honest

So I ran across this vid on YouTube.  It reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a young friend of mine who happens to be straight.

We smoked a little something.  

It wasn’t until our eyes nearly shut and glossed over that the conversation began to flow.  Seemingly out of the blue, he cracked a joke.  

A gay joke.  

Maybe It was the weed.  Maybe it was just that I felt comfortable around him.  But whatever it was, allowed me to tell him that I was more into men than women.  

I went into detail and shared a few things with him I hadn’t shared with many others.  

“Ok,” he responded.  “I’ve got something to tell you, too. But don’t tell anybody.  I’ve never told anyone this.  I beat off one of my friends a couple years ago.”

No doubt, a lot of men…straight included, have had homosexual experiences.  But not everyone is comfortable enough to be honest and open about it. No Joke Howard’s candidness and honesty is quite refreshing.  It’ll be nice once we live in a world where judgment is a thing of the past.  Why does it matter where you stick your dick anyway?  There are more important things in life…

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