Is Same Sex Marriage For You?

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Written by M.T.

In late June, the US Supreme Court ruled the gay marriage ban unconstitutional. A decision that opened the door for thousands of gay couples to marry. Given President Barack Obama’s pro-gay and inclusive stance on the issue, it was only a matter of time.

It’s been heavily covered in the media, but sometimes our portrayal in the media isn’t representative of us as a whole.  Some gay relationships are out in the open, while others aren’t. While it’s become more popular to come out of the closet, there still exists a vast amount of men who keep this side of themselves private. Do these men care about the right to marry? Or is having a lover, someone who understands and appreciates him, enough?  Is the right to marry important to today’s gay and bisexual couple?  How do you guys feel about it?  Does it affect you? Is it something that’s close to your heart?

Just after the Supreme Court’s verdict, I wondered how you guys felt about it.

I reached out on social media for feedback.


When asked about gay marriage, @PrettyBoy_Dreas , @blktoppa , and @Fullmoon1982  share their views.

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An interview with @JamilSlays is below.  

Meet Jamil

(College Student)

MT:      I’ve got a feature coming up about gay marriage. A pic on your profile caught my attention.

In the photo were Jamil and his equally handsome boyfriend. They stood, both in elegant tuxedos, facing one another. I wondered if it was a wedding photo.

MT:          What do you think of it (gay marriage)?

Jamil:     Gay marriage in general?

He paused for a moment, but instead of awaiting my response, he continued.

Jamil:     Well I don’t know.  I feel like I can see both sides.

Both sides. Both angry and agitated, but with opposing views.
Those for it, angry because they feel they deserve the right to marry whomever they choose and that union be recognized by law.
Those against, angry because the world may end if two men were to marry.
Religion and Law: Factors that determine our views and our reality.

MT:         You feel you can see both sides.

Jamil:    Well, marriage originated from Christianity. But without gay marriage, we gays would have no rights over our partner’s assets.

There have been countless accounts where the families of a sick or deceased individual have stepped in, taken property, and made legal decisions, totally disregarding the same-sex spouse or lover.

Jamil:      That’s dumb as fuck!  So…yeah. I’m basically pro gay marriage.

I took another glance at the photo, and became a bit more curious.

MT:          So Jamil…How long have y’all been together?

Jamil:    We’ve been together for two years.

MT:         Does he have the same view as you when it comes to marriage?

Jamil:   Yes he does!  I didn’t realize that marriage originated from Christianity until he told me about it. But he still is pro gay marriage.

MT:        So do you think that you two will marry?

Jamil:   Definitely. We going to get married in like five years.  Maybe even earlier.

Join me in wishing these two handsome, smart, and well informed young men much success in college as well as a blossoming love together.

A little peek into their bedroom… [toggle][/toggle]



Everyone I spoke with, including Jamil, supports same-sex marriage.  Most mentioned the legal protections it affords those involved, whether it be financial or medical.  But one thing I noticed was that many others felt that same-sex marriage was not right for them.

How do you feel?

So now that you can marry, will you?

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