Jaden Smith’s Gender Ambiguity

Jaden Smith’s Gender Ambiguity

By now, you’ve probably heard or at least seen the news of Jaden Smith becoming the new face of Luis Vitton’s “womenswear” campaign.  The son of Will Smith is no stranger to dresses.  He’s rocked them many times before, but I don’t think any of us would have thought he’d go as far as modeling women’s clothing.

But as I was looking for videos to share for this article, I ran across quite a few bashing him for his choices.  Usually from straight black men who seem threatened by it for some reason.  I decided not to share those.  I don’t understand the hate and uproar  about it.  

Regardless, Jaden Smith’s gender ambiguity is almost refreshing.  He’s expressing himself and the ad has got people talking.

I can’t help but wonder though if years from now, he’ll do a Frank Ocean lol  Then again…who gives a damn lol

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He’s sported dresses in the past as seen below.


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