Jamal Lyon Dissed Then Shot

Jamal Lyon Dissed Then Shot

This past week saw Empire’s Jamal Lyon spending a bit more time with ASA music producer, D Major.  Last week’s show saw Jamal giving in to D Major’s advances. Complete with Sexing in the studio as we shared HERE.  There seemed to be a possible relationship in the works.   Jamal wanted to give it a shot, even though D Major is DEEP in the closet.

Jamal and Freda let him hear a new song they’re working on, and D Major seems to be turned on by Jamal’s artistry.  D Major wants to produce Jamal’s next album, and tries to convince him to do it.  But Jamal politely declines the offer.

Their last scene together saw D Major cozying up to Jamal, just as Lucious walks in.  D Major violently pushes Jamal away in an effort to appear like a straight man who’s just been hit on by a gay one.  He storms out.  But Lucious already knows about D Major’s ‘in the closet’ ways.

Jamal is left a bit stunned by it all.  Then Lucious rips into him.  “Everybody knows he likes to turn rich boys into his little bitches!  And I bet he’s on top!  Anybody could have walked in and saw you,” he yells.  “You don’t crap where you eat!”

The insults that fly between the two cut to the core.  Jamal calls his father a sissy bitch who’s afraid of his mother.  Luscious grabs him and is about to punch him.  But instead of a physical punch, he delivers a line that hurts much worse than a punch ever could.

“You aint nothing to me…but a disappointment.  And the day you die from AIDS…I’m gon’ celebrate.”

To top it all off, by the episodes end, Jamal takes a bullet that is meant for his father.

The season finale is Wedsneday.

Jamal Lyon Dissed Then Shot

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