Jimmy Graham’s Booty

jimmy graham
Jimmy Graham’s Booty Jiggle

Jimmy Graham’s Booty.  Standing at 6’7, 265 pounds, Jimmy Graham is a whole lot of man. A former N.O. Saint, he’s currently on the Seattle Seahawks injured roster, but let’s hope he returns to the field next season.  Why?  Well, aside from being a talented tight end, the brother has booty.  Nice, Round, and Phat.


jimmy graham 3
Booty Slap

Straight out of North Carolina, the guy is southern bred and born.  Cornbread, rice, and gravy if ya know what I mean. It’s no wonder his fellow team mates cop a feel of that phatty every chance they can.

jimmy graham 2
jimmy graham’s booty




Just watching this brother pace the field is nice eye candy.  You’ll see fan grab a handful of that booty below!  

jimmy graham saint
jimmy graham


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