Magic Johnson Slams Pacquiao

Basketball legend and businessman, Magic Johnson slams Pacquiao and his anti gay remarks.  Nike leads the charge.  

Johnson, who has been extremely supportive of his openly gay son, continued his support of the LGBT community.  He applauded Nike’s decision to terminate Manny Pacquiao’s endorsement contract.  In a series of tweets, Magic Johnson slams Pacquiao and his anti gay remarks.  


Want to know what caused all the uproar?  Well, in a recent television interview, boxing great, Manny Pacquiao called gay people ‘worse than animals.’  To support his statement, he later quoted a bible verse condemning us to death.  


Surely his God loves the fact that he makes millions of dollars playing the most dangerous, bloody, and violent sport in the world.  But who’s judging?  Shout out to Magic Johnson for standing up for the LGBT community.


DAMN PACQUIAO?! Why you gotta come at us like that?

Pacquiao is a conservative Christian, and is now running for political office in the Philippines.  


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