Michael B. Jordan Photo Freaks Out Homophobes

Michael B. Jordan Photo Freaks Out Homophobes


The photo as shown from Vanity Fair’s twitter feed.

Award winning actor, Michael B. Jordan photo freaks out homophobes with a provocative pose.   Jordan is pictured holding the head of film director, Ryan Coogler in somewhat of an embrace.  It was taken for a recent Vanity Fair article that praised the two men for breaking barriers in Hollywood. Jordan is the star of the film, Creed and Coogler is the film’s director.

The photo definitely sparked conversation on both sides.

On one hand, some on social media commented on how gay the photo looked.  That Coogler looked as if he was about to give Jordan head.  And even blasted it for it being a part of  “Hollywood’s gay agenda.”

We all love and enjoy being sexual.  But everything is not sexual.  The things we perceive are often based on our own life experiences and who we are.  If you’re afraid of gay people, or maybe insecure in your own sexuality, a photo like this may make you uncomfortable.  Two people can look at the same photo and each get something different from it.

On the other hand, the photo also received a lot of praise for showing a bond between two black men.

When I saw the picture, my first thought was just…

Damn that’s a beautiful pic.

The pose definitely provokes conversation, and that’s most likely why Vanity Fair published it.  Although I’m a gay man and enjoy seeing two beautiful brothers close, I didn’t see the embrace as one of a sexual nature.  I do see how it could be construed that way, but art is to provoke thought and conversation.

Love, Solidarity, and Support is what it portrayed to me.  What does it portray to you?


Michael B. Jordan Photo Freaks Out Homophobes



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