Out Athlete Derrick Gordon Makes History Again

Out Athlete Derrick Gordon Makes History Again

Out athlete Derrick Gordon makes history again.  In 2014, Gordon made history as the first openly gay basketball player in the NCAA’s Division I.  SB Nation/Outsports, a news outlet that I respect, interviewed Gordon about his decision to come out publicly nearly 18 months ago.

Now, he’s about to make history again.  

Although he’s made it to the dance before, Gordon will become the first (now) openly gay Division I male basketball player to play in the NCAA tournament.

Derrick is not a starter, nor is he the star player on the court, but he’s been described as a rock, a grounding presence for his team.  A valued contributor and mature player.

Things have been quiet regarding his sexuality due to his refusal to do interviews that focused on it.  Instead he accepted interviews where basketball remained the focus.  I think that was a smart decision.

From a couple days ago…


I love the fact that it’s all about his skills on the court and not who he’s sleeping with that remains the focus. Although, it would bekind of hot to know who he’s laying next to at night lol  He’s been linked to CSI actor Gerald McCullouch in the past.

Last Night With The BIG EAST tournament tropy>>> Derrick Holding The BIG EAST Trophy 3/12/16 <<<


Out Athlete Derrick Gordon Makes History Again

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