Rapper Lil Wayne Officiated Gay Wedding

According to his upcoming autobiography, rapper Lil Wayne officiated a gay wedding during his time in prison. In 2010, Wayne served time in Riker’s Island after pleading guilty to a weapons charge. 

The fact that he officiated a gay wedding shouldn’t come as a surprise to most. Lil Wayne is the one who routinely kissed another man on the lips until their more recent falling out. Gay rumors of Birdman and Lil Wayne have circulated for years.  

It’s pretty cool that he included this wedding between two male inmates in his autobiography. Kudos for that shit. Makes you wonder if he had a ‘male’ boo while on the inside.  

**Check this clip out from 106 & Park years ago, when Birdman aka Baby professed to be the only one that Lil Wayne kisses.

You can read more about his upcoming book on PAGE SIX.


Rapper Lil Wayne Officiated Gay Wedding

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