Sucking Your Own Dick Gay? (The Hodge Twins)

Is Sucking Your Own Dick Gay? (The Hodge Twins) LOL


Is sucking your own dick gay? The Hodge Twins discuss self sucking.   

Ever thought about it?  I guess it takes a certain flexibility to do it and enjoy it.  There are a quite a few videos online of guys giving themselves head.  Even to the point of nutting in their own mouth.  But not everyone can do this.  Even though some of the videos can be hot, it still seems a little awkward to me.

In my opinion it’s nicer to sit back and let somebody else slob your knob.  But, to each his own lol

Can you?  Would You if you could? Lol  If a straight man does it…Does it make him more likely to let another man give him head?

These fellas are straight, but I love em.  lol Damn good You Tube channel.

It can be found HERE




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