Was The Orlando Shooter Gay?

Was The Orlando Shooter Gay?

A male ex-classmate describes how Omar Mateen flirted with him

One week ago, Orlando’s LGBT community came under attack.  The Pulse nightclub became the scene of the deadliest shooting in modern history.  Forty-nine people lost their lives, and countless others were injured.

More information about the shooter, Omar Mateen, is coming to light in the days since the attack.  Initial reports speculated that this was a hate crime.  That the gunman was disgusted with the gay community. But the opposite may be true.  According to news outlets, including ABC News, Omar Mateen had been frequenting gay bars and using gay dating apps for years.  An article from the Orlando Sentinal mentioned Adam4Adam and Jack’d. That article is HERE

Was the Orlando Shooter Gay?  Or was he doing what many other radicals do when planning attacks?  For example, the 9/11 attackers researched and conducted surveillance years before that attack actually happened.  Sick minds.

No man has come forward to allege any sort of sexual relationship, but in the above ABC clip, a male former classmate describes Mateen flirting with him.  Mateen, a married man could have been torn between radical Islamic views and deep attractions to other men. Two worlds that could only collide.

TMZ goes a bit further into Mateens sexuality, having contacted several individuals who had dealings with the madman.  


Was the Orlando Shooter Gay?

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