Who’s On Your Gay Playlist?

Frank Ocean

While we await the next album, we’ll have to enjoy his last.  A talented writer and singer, Frank Ocean was one of the first major African American artists to announce that he had once fallen in love with another man.  One of my favorite performances of his is Bad Religion…


This dude’s talent is varied.  He has quite an online presence, whether it’s as the hilarious  “Miss Joanne Prada,” his life, his (quite hot) sex videos, or his music.  He’s definitely one who knows how to keep you interested.  His YouTube’s  are HERE & HERE. We’ve got our eyes on Branden and his next move…

Steve Grand

Gay Country Music Artist.  It was pretty cool when he came out with his single, All-American Boy.  His video, Time is pretty nice.  I love a music video with a story. His YouTube is HERE.

Fly Young Red

When Fly Young Red came out with “Throw That Boy Pussy” he definitely got everyone’s attention.  And…It’s in my playlist.

But Red’s lyrical content goes much deeper than the sexual.  He’s a dude with a brain, an opinion, a vision. A damn talented rapper/artist.  He often remixes popular tracks and makes them his own, like the following video. His YouTube is HERE.


Sam Smith

Yeah, you know who he is.  This talented dude has one of the best voices out today.

Adam Lambert

First famous from American Idol, and the first openly gay artist to top the US Billboard Album chart.  Adam Lambert’s newest release is below.

These are just a few favorites.  There are quite a few more.  An article from June featuring Freaky Boiz is HERE

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