Do you believe in gay for pay? The latest poll results for the month of December show that most of you believe that being gay for pay isn’t possible. Original Article Here


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The gay for pay poll results are as follows:

  • Seventy percent (70%) of the voters believe that the person is at least gay or bisexual.

  • Twenty-one percent (21%) of the voters believe that the money can be motivation enough for them to perform.  

  • Nine percent (9%) of voters were undecided

In my opinion, I believe that some people end up doing things that they never imagined doing just to survive. But with this topic i am torn. The situation becomes difficult to determine the truth because the person could really be straight, but life has caused them to make drastic decisions to survive. One the other hand, I believe you have those who are gay or bisexual who are in denial with who they really are. So they use money as a way to justify there actions.

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