Singer Tank Likes His Ass Eaten

Singer Tank Likes His Ass Eaten

In an interview with “The Breakfast Club” Morning Show, singer Tank admits he likes his ass eaten. He goes as far as to say, “I don’t mind putting my legs up!”

 You’ll want to start the interview at around 15:26. It gets real around 15:56-21:37.


As far as we know, he’s straight, but the visual would still be nice to see.  The topic came up when the hosts brought up the Amber Rose-Kanye West feud.  Rose, a model and Kanye’s ex, shamed Kanye recently by revealing that he enjoyed receiving a lil anal play.  At one point he even demonstrates the position he likes it in.  Damn good interview lol

Tank admits he likes his ass eaten, but stops short of fingers.  “No utensils in the salad” he states.  

In the interview, he recalls the first time a girl ate his ass.  He describes being in the back seat of his SUV with his legs up at the age of 18.

So maybe keep these two on your radar lol What’s up with straight men these days liking that ass played with?  Does it mean their open to trying out the other side?



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