Would You Be Straight If You Had The Choice?

Would You Be Straight If You Had the Choice

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Most of us grew up feeling different than those around us.  Not attracted to girls, we crushed on our male friends.

We dreamed about our male friends, became sexually aroused by our male friends.  Excited.  Sweaty.  Horny.  All of the things that straight dudes felt when a fine girl was around.  But unlike them, most of us had to keep those feelings to ourselves.  Keep it a secret.  Powerful feelings rumbled, only to be buried because of fear.

We lived in constant fear.  We feared being found out.  So much of our energy spent just to keep the secret safe. We didn’t want to be bashed, criticized, or judged because of who we were attracted to.  It’s not easy to be gay. Would you choose the easier life if you had the choice?  Would you be straight if you had the choice?

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