Cities Against States In Gay Rights Fight

Cities Against States In Gay Rights Fight

North Carolina

Major North Carolina cities tend to be liberal and progressive, while their rural counterparts often lean to the far right.  The cities and the state government are beginning to clash . Cities against states in gay rights fight.

Charlotte is known as one of the more gay friendly cities in the south.  In 2012, the city approved domestic partner benefits for city workers.  And in a recent progressive move, the city passed another lgbt friendly law.  This ordinance would allow transgender individuals the right to use restrooms of the gender in which they identify with.  That ordinance would have taken effect on April 1.

The state of North Carolina would have none of it.  In direct defiance NC passed it’s own anti-descrimination law.  This law supersedes Charlotte’s (or any other NC city’s) current or future ordinances to protect gay rights.  North Carolina’s new law doesn’t actually state that gay or transgendered people CAN be descriminated against, but omitting it speaks volumes.

The new NC law protects people on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color and biological sex.  (Sexual orientation and gender identity are clearly absent)

The business and sports community in Charlotte are not happy about it.

The NBA, which plans to hold its All Star game in Charlotte next year released the following statement:

In a state that had become one of the more liberal in the south, this is clearly a major step backward.  Twelve other states are considering passing legislation which would limit the rights of gays as well.  Georgia is one of them.


In Georgia, a similar law is proposed.  The film and television community, which thrives in and around Atlanta, have planned to boycott the state if similar legislation passes.



Cities Against States In Gay Rights Fight

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