Gay Rap’s Sexy Duo

By M.T.

They’ve had the ability to flow since the beginning.  When I came across them on YouTube years ago, I was immediately captivated. Why?  Because up to that point, I’d heard very few gay rappers who got me to nod my head.  I can appreciate catchy lyrics, but only if there’s actual skill behind it.

The video was aptly titled, Freaky Boiz.  A rap set to the beat of Gucci Mane’s, Freaky Gurl.  Having recognized the familiar beat, I thought OK, let’s see what they’ve got.

TT Got It…bare chested.  Prince Charming P…a striped polo.  The Freaky Boiz.  Both nice looking young men.  No glitter.  No disco ball.  Nothing stereotypically gay about them.  And I appreciated that.

From the moment TT Got It opened his mouth, I got the unapologetic sexuality of Trina and Lil Kim, bundled in lyricism.

I wanted to hear more.

“Ur A Jerk” was next, and they flipped the popular ‘New Boyz’ tune completely on its head.  My head started to nod once more, as I allowed Prince Charming P to take me on a journey.  Who knew  “ratchetry” could be so sweet?

I loved every minute of it.

Needless to say, I subscribed to their YouTube channel, shared their videos with friends, and have followed their journey ever since.

With lyrical skill, increasingly innovative music videos, and growing popularity, Freaky Boiz are riding high.

I’m watching their rise, and I hope you are too.

Their latest release is the hard-hitting single, “NONE,” which makes me wonder “Whoever’s got beef with these fellas…Beware!”

It’s available on iTunes now. 

Official Website


“Unleashed” MixTape 

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