Jamal And D Major Hook Up On EMPIRE

Jamal and D Major Hook Up On Empire

On this weeks episode of the music drama, Empire, Jamal finds himself taking it all off in the recording studio.  Literally.

Jamal and his mogul father, Luscious Lyon are up against one another for the acclaimed ASA Award.  The music awards producer happens to be a handsome, on the low brother with a cocky charm.  Jamal’s unwillingness to back down in a meeting and fight for what he believes in, turns D Major on to the point where he empties the recording studio.  Why?   He just wants to be alone with music’s sexy, out of the closet superstar.

A testy exchange ensued as each seemed to vie for dominance over the other.  With an aggressive kiss, it all faded away.  And the empty studio filled with the sounds of kisses and heavy breathing.

The clothes came off.

After the intimate exchange, D Major is back in business mode.  The line between business and pleasure leads Jamal to think that D was just playing with his emotions.  But by the shows end, the two find themselves giving into the chemistry between them.  Will Jamal be able to handle someone on the DL?

This may be a new storyline for Jamal.  Wouldn’t mind seeing those two sexy brothas going at on the regular.

…And by the way…The music on this episode was damn good.

Jamal and D Major Hook Up On Empire


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